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Project Claridad is a youth program focusing on improving the health of the community. The goal of Project Claridad is to stop the growth of HIV/AIDS in the Hispanic community through educational activities, exchanges and education of youth 14-21 years of age.

Claridad partners: Putnam County Migrant Education Program, Farmworking Coordinating Council of Palm Beach County and Migrant Education of Alachua County

Project Claridad

The Claridad  Toolbox

toolboxThe goal of this Toolbox is to offer you new education and awareness materials to support your organization’s HIV Prevention initiatives. Developed by youth, ages 14-24, these materials reflect the issues, perspectives and vision of rural, Hispanic youth.

Visual materials, with limited text, assist education strategies for youth and immigrant communities. All communities have an increased interest in images and text which reflect their lives. Increased interest leads to increased knowledge, therefore leading to individual behavior change. This theory has been the approach used in the development of the Project Claridad Toolbox materials.

The Toolbox materials are intended for your organization’s immediate use in outreach and education. All of the materials promote the CDC HIV/AIDS and STD Hotline and many of the items have space for personalization by your organization and/or other hotline numbers.

Outreach Handouts
Try these materials at health fairs, schools, parades and on the street!


Word Puzzle Handouts (set of three)

These puzzle cards offer basic HIV information. Combined with a pen from your organization, you can reach a variety of audiences. One handout is designed for Spanish-speaking adults, another for English-speaking adults and one for children (under age 12) in English. These puzzle handouts refer the reader to the CDC’s 24-hour hotline on HIV/AIDS and STDs. One handout has space for your organization’s contact information.*


Condom Covers

This discrete condom cover works well for condom distribution in many settings and includes national, toll-free hotline information numbers.* The condom covers, which were designed by youth, feature images of the sculpture sets they created to portray how it would feel to have HIV/AIDS.


Stick to your limit

This bilingual, pocket brochure, focusing on abstinence, is intended as positive reinforcement during one-on-one teaching sessions or as a handout. It is especially popular as an empowerment tool.



HIV Transmission Novela Bookmarks

This novela message is an inspirational call to action — visually presenting modes of HIV transmission. It offers a National hotline number for support. These bookmarks are great for distribution at fairs, educational activities, follow-up on educational sessions or for use as handouts for peer educators.*

Teen Relationship Violence Novela Bookmarks
These novela messages present an all-too-frequent situation experienced by female teens. The strength presented by the victim, as she listens to the support her friend offers her, is a message of hope and an end to accepting relationship violence. This bookmark offers a National hotline number for support. Handout these bookmarks at fairs, educational activities, follow-up to educational sessions or as handouts by peer educators.*



"Nuestra Voz" Youth Magazine Series

These magazines, written by Hispanic youth, combine information about HIV, relationship violence and dating. They serve the needs of youth and provide their perspectives to their peers and the adults around them. They are an excellent incentive gift for peer educators.





“HIV Has No Preference” Fan*

In an effort to break down the stigma, this bilingual fan makes it clear, through visuals, as well as the written message, that HIV has no preference! This fan is an excellent give-away for church and health fairs and other outreach events.



thematic teaching tool

STD Flipchart

This bilingual flipchart is designed for use by sex health educators or peer educators to address the basics of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. This large format, bilingual flipchart works well for small group education or class presentations. The text presents key concepts, allowing the educator to present the information based on the learner’s environment. [Companion mini-flipcharts that serve as an intimate alternative for one-on-one peer education are available.]




“In a Second” Poster

This poster focuses on a realistic situation where alcohol use can distort judgment and provides the benefits of condom use.






"Stop! Think! Act!" Poster

This poster is an attention grabber, reinforcing without preaching, that you have the power to take control over your actions.




Defying the Stigma Fotonovela Strip Poster*

“Reactions Others Have to AIDS” is a fotonovela poster which models peer education on breaking the stigma and myths related to interactions with people living with AIDS.




“Laugh Now and Cry Later” Fotonovela Strip Poster*

This poster deals with the various modes of HIV transmission. The realistic scenes mirror similar situations faced by today's youth.