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Project Claridad is a youth program focusing on improving the health of the community. The goal of Project Claridad is to stop the growth of HIV/AIDS in the Hispanic community through educational activities, exchanges and education of youth 14-21 years of age.

Project Claridad partners: Putnam County Migrant Education Program, Farmworking Coordinating Council of Palm Beach County and Migrant Education of Alachua County

Project Claridad

Project Claridad and the Project Claridad Tool Box 

With funding from the Pfizer Foundation’s Southern HIV/AIDS Prevention Initiative, Project Claridad has had programs housed in two Florida farmworker areas, Crescent City and Belle Glade / Pahokee. Claridad has netted multiple results:

  • Over 30 Spanish-speaking farmworker youth trained as HIV peer educators
  • Hundreds of face-to-face prevention education contacts
  • Outreach events in 6 farmworker communities, reaching over 300 directly and 20,000 indirectly
  • Replication of Claridad in an additional Florida farmworker community
  • A Claridad Tool Box of bilingual, youth-developed education materials for use in Spanish-speaking communities

The Project Claridad  Website

As yet another aspect of this youth program, the peer educators developed a website that was enhanced as new training occurred.  The website, a novelty in the 90s, served to increase interest in the youth team to develop both their computer and health literacy.

Click here to enter the Project Claridad site.

The Project Claridad  Tool Box

The Project Claridad Tool Box is the result of peer educators survey collection (over 600), survey analysis, outreach and research.  All materials are peer developed and community evaluated.  The Tool Box has two aspects: educational materials and a brief curriculum, which outlines interactive, popular education tools and activities, to optimize the leadership skills of lay-health workers and community service groups. Topics addressed include:

  • HIV transmission, testing and prevention
  • Relationship violence and rape
  • Stigma and Homophobia
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Machismo
  • Advocacy for persons living with HIV

Learn more about the Claridad Tool Box Materials