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Creando nuestra Salud

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Early breast cancer detection curriculum

Creando Nuestra Salud is a curriculum, which can be implemented in new and existing lay-health worker programs.  The curriculum includes the lay-health worker training, activities, lists of materials, contact forms, resources and outreach activity packets to support the lay-health worker’s community education.

The RWHP offers this complete curriculum or you can contact us to discuss Capacity-Building support to make your program available as you initiate a Creando Nuestra Salud program.

To date, 70 lay-health workers have carried out the Creando Nuestra Salud breast health education program to women in three states, reaching over 1000 women with face-to-face education.

Click here to learn about how to bring the Creando Nuestra Salud program to your community.


Breast cancer is the leading diagnosed cancer and leading cause of cancer-related death among Hispanic women in the U.S.1

Unfortunately, the cause is late detection and, many Hispanic women are neither taught nor practice the breast self-exam.2

1American Cancer Society, (2008). Cancer Statistics: "Figure 3. Leading sites of new cancer cases and deaths among hispanics, 2006 estimates," "Female breast." Cancer Facts & Figures for Hispanics/Latinos 2006-2008, Retrieved August 29, 2008, from http://www.cancer.org/downloads/STT/CAFF2006HispPWSecured.pdf.

2(2007). Rural Women’s Health Project. Lake County Hispanic Health Survey, 2007. In a survey conducted in Lake County, Fl., 57 percent of women respondents reported that they do not practice the breast self-exam, 29 percent of women respondents reported that they had never conducted the exam, and 13 percent of women respondents reported that they were never taught the breast self-exam.