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The Fotonovela

The Fotonovela  as an outreach tool

FotonovelaThe RWHP develops materials with the community-based outreach worker in mind. The community-based outreach worker — also referred to as peer educator, lay-health worker or promotor—serves as the most effective bridge between the community, as they are someone who comes from within the community; a person who is trained, serves their community and is trusted.

The fotonovela is an affordable tool that can be utilized by health outreach workers, community organizations and professionals. However, because RWHP fotonovelas are visually unique and include all key information within the storyline, they can also serve as a useful tool to reach individuals who have not yet come in contact with outreach workers or traditional services.

Therefore, the fotonovela can also be distributed at non-traditional locations such as laundromats, corner stores, health fairs, through church programs and still serve as a source of information for the community.