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The Fotonovela

The RWHP Fotonovela

The fotonovela is arguably the RWHP’s most effective tool. For almost 20 years, the RWHP has molded the fotonovela into a tool of reflection, role modeling and empowerment.

“RWHP fotonovelas reflect the struggles of communities in a positive light, incorporating role models who balance socio-cultural obstacles and disease prevention. The visual aspects of the novela are enticing and the style allows the reader to explore the health topics, increase self-identification and risk, and strengthen cultural identity.”[1]

The RWHP’s fotonovelas are developed with the community they are intended to serve. With the RWHP’s use of community actors and the message-specific storyline for the target community, the fotonovelas successfully present health messages, document the work of communities and unify them to both improve individual and community well-being.  The minimal text, popular language, and visuals of the fotonovelas allow them to be read easily across literacy levels. These elements make fotonovelas an excellent educational tool for outreach workers, youth and discussion groups.


[1] Fabiola del Castillo, Panel presentation on “Pizcando Sueños: Crossing Borders” at the Universidad de Antropolgía y Historia, Mexico, DF, 2002.