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Mensajeros are community members who are trained in health education, community resources and referrals. Working with the Mensajeros’ Coordinator at the Family Medical Center in Crescent City, Florida, Mensajeros assist community members with their medical and social service needs.

Mensajeros Fotonovelas

Mensajeros de Salud

Mensajeros is a partnership between Family Medical and Dental Centers and the Rural Women's Health Project. The project has had the support of the Alianza de Mujeres Activas of Central Florida. The 15 Mensajero volunteers meet monthly for training and then carry out 10 community contacts a week on such subjects as immunizations, domestic violence resources and nutrition.

The Mensajero program kicked off with an indepth community health survey within the Hispanic community. These findings are the basis of all health education work carried out by the program in the community.

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Mensajeros de Salud Survey FindingsTraining Curriculum