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Brand: RWHP Model: db0075
This brochure explores the difference between pre-diabetes and diabetes. In addition, the brochure provides readers information about risk factors for diabetes, symptoms, and tips to prevent and control diabetes...
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Brand: RWHP Model: db0056
This colorful, bilingual poster assists the reader to understand the meaning of their blood pressure and glucose readings. Perfect for use at the clinic or outreach activity, this image illustrates the readings which are normal, at risk, or high risk for  diabetes or high blood pressure. There is sp..
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Brand: RWHP Model: SMP004
Diabetes:This issue explores the difference between pre-diabetes and diabetes and provides information about risk factors, symptoms and tips to prevent and manage diabetes.Enfermedades del Corazón/Heart Disease: This 4-page magazine explains various diseases related to the heart. Readers can self-ev..
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Brand: RWHP Model: hs3300
This issue in the Su Salud series focuses on HIV/AIDS. It is a four-page, magazine explaining HIV/AIDS prevention, testing, risk and symptoms in short concise articles. With fotonovela testimonials, images, and an "Ask the Doctor" section, a patient's most common concerns are addressed. Article tit..
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Vivir a todo pulmón (Live Life to Its Fullest) Fotonovela
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Brand: RWHP Model: tb2250dl
Vivir a todo pulmón (Live Life to Its Fullest) is a series of health education campaign materials for Spanish-speaking immigrants. The materials, available in both audio and print format, were developed to increase awareness about tuberculosis, while striving to reduce transmission and non-complianc..
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Brand: RWHP Model: fmp0022
This lower literacy magazine, developed with lay-health workers is bright and image-filled. The 8-page magazine addresses many issues dealing with family planning including family size and birth control options. The large centerfold presents birth control methods in an easy to read chart. Additional..
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Brand: RWHP Model: hs3100
In this novela, Maria faces the reality that her husband's cheating puts her at risk for HIV/AIDS. The storyline utilizes the transtheoretical model.This novel is in English and Spanish...
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Brand: RWHP Model: wh2247
After having experienced a scare after her breast self-exam, Marta teaches her female relatives about the benefits of monthly breast self-exams, the dangers of breast cancer and late detection, and then shows her family the proper steps for carrying out the breast self-exam. Space is available for ..
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Brand: RWHP Model: db0065
This package includes 50 copies of the following Su Salud materials: Su Salud: Presion Alta: This issue in the Su Salud series focuses on High Blood Pressure. It is a four-page, Spanish language magazine explaining the prevention, testing, risk and symptoms in short concise articles. With fotonov..
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Brand: RWHP Model: db0021
This issue in the Su Salud series looks at diabetes. The topics in this issue range from how diabetes is diagnosed to how to prevent and control it. The brochure also helps readers understand the different types of diabetes and how the disease can affect the body...
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Brand: RWHP Model: db0060
This four-page brochure is a perfect follow-up to teaching on balanced diets, diabetes care or weight loss. It includes a brief guide for balancing your meals (coloring your plate) and gives instructions for reading nutrition labels...
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Brand: RWHP Model: hs2200
This pocket foldout provides positive reinforcement for abstinence, with empowering phrases and reminders of the right to make one's own decisions. Bilingual pocketcard. This product comes in packages of 50...
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