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Brand: RWHP Model: wh2200
Pizcando Sueños - relates the stories that farmworking women wish to tell the world. These stories constitute an affirmation of their daily struggle for life and dignity. The women wish to pass on these stories to future generations with the pride of saying, "In spite of everything, we are moving fo..
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Tight Work - una revista para jóvenes
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Brand: RWHP Model: tc1003
This 'zine was developed by farmworker teens as a unique medium of expression through artwork, poetry and a short fotonovela about their environment, their future and the dangers of tobacco use.Bilingual magazine...
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Brand: RWHP Model: fp78504
A stressed-out single mother learns how to discipline her children effectively without losing her temper...
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Brand: RWHP Model: hs2204
This fotonovela bookmark shows the dangers of HIV transmission that can result from risky behavior and poor choices. After unprotected sex and experimenting with drugs, a young man finds out he is HIV positive. Includes the National HIV Hotline. Bookmark in English.This product comes in package..
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Brand: RWHP Model: hs2198
This fotonovela strip demonstrates simple, step-by-step directions on the appropriate use of a condom. It illustrates a woman teaching another woman in the use of the male condom. Bilingual novela pocket card. This product comes in packages of 50...
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Brand: RWHP Model: ei44939
Hispanic farmworkers in nursery, citrus, production and packing industries provide the setting for the eleven posters in this series on eye care and eye injury prevention.This poster's message is: To protect your eyes from pterygium, 100% UV safety glasses are essential. This poster is in English..
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Brand: RWHP Model: tc1004
Children express how they feel when exposed to second-hand smoke.Poster in Spanish...
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Brand: RWHP Model: fp84260
When a mother of three is at her wit's end, a daycare center worker teaches her ways to discipline her children using "timeout" instead of physical violence as a deterrent against their bad behavior...
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Brand: RWHP Model: tc1001
Two friends find the courage to speak up against smokers at their party, and learn that in doing so they can actually make a difference.  This story also addresses the effects of second hand smoke.Bilingual fotonovela...
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"Un paso adelante" Poster (A Step Forward)
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Brand: RWHP Model: kc6354
Two parents learn about the importance of obtaining medical insurance for their children through Florida's KidCare program.  The daycare worker guides them through the steps of applying for the insurance and addresses such questions as age requirements, monthly costs, fee waivers, family income and ..
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Brand: RWHP Model: ei44958
"Pterygium can blind you, I learned too late," states the worker in this poster. The poster's message is: Use 100% UV resistant safety glasses to protect your eyes. Hispanic farmworkers in nursery, citrus, production and packing industries provide the setting for the eleven posters in this series on..
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Brand: RWHP Model: fp63498
An Hispanic family finds it difficult at times to get along in America without knowing English, but the mother fears that learning the new language will make the children forget their heritage...
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