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Prevention of STIs in Young Adults Sampler (Spanish/English)
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Brand: RWHP Model: SMP002
Un cruel despertar/Rude Awakening: This fotonovela discusses the importance of HIV testing and focuses on lifestyle choices of one young man who abuses alcohol. By sharing their similar experiences and the dangers of HIV, his friends are able to convince him to get tested for HIV and take control of..
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Immigrant Women's Health Sampler
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Brand: RWHP Model: SMP005
Un buen Consejo/Sharing with a Friend [women's annual exam]: This piece has a friend explaining what to expect at a family planning appointment.Un camino hacia la clínica/A Path to Clinic Access: Community members share advice about successfully accessing clinic services, including documents needed,..
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Lo que dicen mi comadre sobre el cáncer del seno (What my best friend says about breast cancer)
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Brand: RWHP Model: wh2246
Hispanic women from different backgrounds share facts and advice on breast cancer and early detection. The booklet dispels common myths, encourages early detection screenings, and provides illustrated instructions for the breast self-exams.Spanish brochure...
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Por el bien de tu Bebé (For the Well-Being of your Baby)
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Brand: RWHP Model: wh2245
This brochure addresses topics that can affect the health of babies born to farmworker women: pesticides, listeria, domestic violence, caffeine, folic acid and also explains danger signs during pregnancy. Space is available for clinic personalization! Spanish brochure. This product comes in pac..
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Pizcando Sueños Fotonovelas
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Brand: RWHP Model: wh2200
Pizcando Sueños - relates the stories that farmworking women wish to tell the world. These stories constitute an affirmation of their daily struggle for life and dignity. The women wish to pass on these stories to future generations with the pride of saying, "In spite of everything, we are moving fo..
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"Como Usar un Condón" Novela strip
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Brand: RWHP Model: hs2198
This fotonovela strip demonstrates simple, step-by-step directions on the appropriate use of a condom. It illustrates a woman teaching another woman in the use of the male condom. Bilingual novela pocket card. This product comes in packages of 50...
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