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Un cruel despertar/Rude Awakening Fotonovela
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Brand: RWHP Model: hs1837
This fotonovela discusses the importance of getting tested for HIV and focuses on the lifestyle choices of one young man who abuses alcohol. By sharing their similar experiences and the dangers of HIV, his friends are able to convince him to get tested for HIV and take control of his life. Bilin..
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Brand: RWHP Model: hs3300
This issue in the Su Salud series focuses on HIV/AIDS. It is a four-page, magazine explaining HIV/AIDS prevention, testing, risk and symptoms in short concise articles. With fotonovela testimonials, images, and an "Ask the Doctor" section, a patient's most common concerns are addressed. Article tit..
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Something so small ... Poster
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Brand: RWHP Model: tc1005
A young man considers his choices as he deals with his tobacco addiction.Poster in English...
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Lo que dicen mi comadre sobre el cáncer del seno (What my best friend says about breast cancer)
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Brand: RWHP Model: wh2246
Hispanic women from different backgrounds share facts and advice on breast cancer and early detection. The booklet dispels common myths, encourages early detection screenings, and provides illustrated instructions for the breast self-exams.Spanish brochure...
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Take care of your eyes! - English pocket brochure for men and women
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Brand: RWHP Model: ei3422
This companion handout shows male and female farmworkers modeling the best practices for washing debris from the eyes. The handout is business-card size and includes a calendar and hotline numbers for farmworker health care assistance.Space is available for clinic or organization personalization.Thi..
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Married Women Can Get HIV Too!/"Mujeres Casadas También Pueden ¡Contrar VIH!" Fotonovela
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Brand: RWHP Model: hs3150
This HIV prevention fotonovela addresses the fact that a women's commitment to her husband does not mean forgoing the commitment to protect herself. The storyline utilized the transtheoretical model.This fotonovela is in English and Spanish...
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Tallando Tradiciones: Preservando la cultura mexicana Fotonovela
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Brand: RWHP Model: tt834
Focuses on the traditional art of woodworking from Guanajuato, Mexico as shared by the collective work of the Tamayo-Ordollez family...
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STDs: Sexually Transmitted Diseases Flipchart
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Brand: RWHP Model: hs1232
This flipchart teaches the basics about Sexually Transmitted Diseases with descriptions of curable vs. non-curable STDs. The flipchart also includes personal stories and tips on how to protect yourself from getting an STD.Flipchart is in English and Spanish...
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Doña Genoveva: Manos que brindan salud Fotonovela
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Brand: RWHP Model: dg0923
Celebrates the strength and spirit of Doña Genoveva's work as a woman who uses her healing skills to serve her community in the United States and Mexico...
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Por el bien de tu Bebé (For the Well-Being of your Baby)
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Brand: RWHP Model: wh2245
This brochure addresses topics that can affect the health of babies born to farmworker women: pesticides, listeria, domestic violence, caffeine, folic acid and also explains danger signs during pregnancy. Space is available for clinic personalization! Spanish brochure. This product comes in pac..
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¡Sigame!: A Tobacco Education and Awareness Project
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Brand: RWHP Model: tc1100
This curriculum utilizes the popular arts as the medium for leadership development and health education training. This curriculum serves as an excellent compliment to your organization's lay-health worker or youth peer program. All of the activities are broken down into action steps and include an e..
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Rompe el Silencio (Silence is Compliance) Fotonovela
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Brand: RWHP Model: rv1221
This brochure, in the fotonovela-style, addresses the basics of intimate partner violence. It includes statistics, signs of abuse, types of abuse, making a safety plan and toll-free numbers for support. Brochure in Spanish..
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