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¡OJO! con tu vista (Take Care with Your Eyes) - Fotonovela Set

¡OJO! con tu vista (Take Care with Your Eyes) - Fotonovela Set
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¡OJO! con tu vista (Take Care with Your Eyes) - Fotonovela Set

El Halcón Gana

Farmworkers in this story demonstrate the precautions and appropriate steps for cleaning debris from the eye and preventing infection.

La Visión de un Padre

When a farmworker's eye is injured by a branch while picking oranges, his friends show him the appropriate emergency treatment measures and help to prevent dangerous mistakes. Medical coverage under Worker's Compensation is also addressed.

Más Vale Prevenir

In this fotonovela two compadres talk about the causes and warning signs of Pterygium, a common eye condition among agricultural workers. The story also discusses the dangers of letting the infection go untreated, as well as ways to protect the eyes against the sun and other elements.

Para Poder Ver el Futuro... An experienced orange picker and his newly hired relative talk about the importance of appropriate eye protection while working in the groves. The story promotes accessing protective eye wear through promotores or health clinics. Healthcare access under Workman's Compensation is addressed.

This fotonovela set is in spanish.
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