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Pizcando Sueños Fotonovelas

Pizcando Sueños Fotonovelas
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Pizcando Sueños Fotonovelas

Pizcando Sueños - relates the stories that farmworking women wish to tell the world. These stories constitute an affirmation of their daily struggle for life and dignity. The women wish to pass on these stories to future generations with the pride of saying, "In spite of everything, we are moving forward."

This series of fotonovelas was made by farmworking women for their children, for themselves and for those who stayed behind in Mexico and ask what life is like on the other side of the border.

The three stories in this series address: acculturation and helping others teen pregnancy and relationship violence.

Set of 10.

Fotonovela in Spanish.

1. Story One: Un camino poblado de sueños
Soon after arriving in America, a young woman and her family are forced to leave the home they've been staying in. Overwhelmed by the unexpected difficulties of her new life and faced with the arrival of her second child, she turns to a daycare provider for support. The woman offers her advice on adjusting to the changes and the importance of looking out for her own health, while encouraging her not to give up.

2. Story Two: El dolor de ser madre
A young woman is faced with the decision of whether or not she can continue her studies after becoming pregnant. The struggle of the young women's mother is explored from her initial pain that pregnancy had ruined all the hope she had for her daughter's success to the realization that with her love and support her daughter can still achieve her dreams.

3. Story Three: La otra cara del amor
Remembering the fear and pain of witnessing her father's spousal abuse, a young girl struggles to understand why her mother refused to leave him. She soon realizes the effects growing up in America had on her intolerance for actions her mother considered a needed sacrifice in order to provide her children with the chance for a better life.

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