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The Rural Women's Health Project

The Rural Women's Health Project (RWHP), founded in 1991, is a non-profit organization that designs and implements community-based health-education projects, promotes lay-health worker efforts and develops community-driven materials to assist communities in strengthening their understanding of critical health and community issues.

The mission of the RWHP is to work with rural communities to strengthen their capacity to overcome barriers to health justice. Utilizing a community-based approach, community members are involved in all grassroots research, educational campaigns, training and bridging to services— thereby broadening their skills to replicate programs and advocacy strategies.


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Fotonovela   Information

The fotonovela is a traditional print medium found in Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean. Similar in Married Coverformat to that of a comic book, sequential photographs are accompanied by dialogue bubbles to create a dramatic story. The RWHP has molded the fotonovela into a tool of reflection, role modeling and empowerment.

Working with rural communities to strengthen their capacity to overcome health barriers.