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about us

The RWHP Approach

The Rural Women's Health Project (RWHP), founded in 1991, is a non-profit organization that designs and implements community-based, health-education projects, trainings, and materials to assist communities in strengthening their understanding of critical health, occupational and family issues.


  • Collaborates in the implementation of health projects that promote the well-being of communities.
  • Creates innovative educational tools, including: fotonovelas, radionovelas, traditional music, educational games, traditional calendars, flipcharts, radioscripts and more.
  • Trains communities and the organizations that serve them in the development and use of community-developed, health education tools and testimonial multi-media.
  • Advocates for lay-health worker programs in rural communities.

The RWHP's approach centers on three main concepts: modeling positive health behaviors, providing realistic options to health problems, and the importance of "each one, teach one." This philosophy is put into practice through the production and dissemination of health education training programs, curriculum and popular education techniques, publications for community and health organizations, clinics and outreach programs.

Using visual storytelling as the foundation of our work, we guide community partners in the development of stories that will be the focus of each project. All of our materials, whether produced individually or collaboratively with other grass-roots organizations, include community evaluation to assure message impact with cultural and linguistic accuracy.

our mission

"...the people must learn to read their own reality and write their own history."
-- Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed

The mission of the RWHP is to work with rural communities to strengthen their capacity to overcome barriers to health justice. Utilizing a community-based approach, community members are involved in all grassroots research, educational campaigns, training and bridging to services— thereby broadening their skills to replicate programs and advocacy strategies

Annual Highlights


2016 has been an amazing year of spreading the benefits of promotor de salud programming with Project SALUD (el Sur and el Norte) in Palm Beach and Marion counties. We have deepened out commitment to working with health and community-based partners in Marion County to benefit services for the immigrant communities. And, we are getting ready to begin the 4-year Stellar Program, thanks to a partnership with UF’s College of Education. RWHP focus will be on strengthening school, family and community engagement.

Awards and Recognition

RWHP Awarded the Champion of Farmworkers Award

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Rural women's health project a finalist for national award

Gainesville Sun | Apr. 24, 2013

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