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Pizcando Sueños was born from the need to tell the story of migration of Mexican women into the US. It was inspired by 10 years of work with the Spanish-speaking, farmworking community.

The RWHP has introduced a unique research approach that combines the collective oral testimonies with non-formal education and traditional research methods. The oral histories are a mechanism to celebrate cultural believes, traditions and community realities. This method can be an integral part of efficient health education that focuses on positive behaviors. Oral histories serve as a tool to define individual and community needs and then to take active steps to improving their lives. A great example of collective oral history is found in Pizcando Sueños.

RWHP ha introducido un método único de historias orales colectivas combinando la educación no formal, la investigación y la educación en salud. Las historias orales colectivas son un medio de celebrar las creencias culturales, las tradiciones y las realidades de la comunidad. Este medio puede ser una parte integral de una eficaz educación para la salud que conduzca a comportamientos positivos. Las historias orales colectivas le sirven a la comunidad como una herramienta para definir sus necesidades individuales y comunitarias, para tomar las medidas necesarias que mejoren sus vidas. Un gran ejemplo del método de historias orales colectivas es el proyecto Pizcando Sueños.

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The Voices of Mexican Migrant Women

The oral histories of Pizcando Sueños reflects how these women’s values and beliefs are consistently challenged by such issues as migration, new roles and responsibilities, the challenging comadre systems and the fast-paced and materialistic life in the United States.

Crossing the Border

The Pizcando Sueños project has documented the journey to Florida by twenty Mexican farmworking women. What follows are women’s snap-shots on their decisions made to cross the border, the crossing itself and their arrival in el norte

But you always have to hope

Farmworking women carry a triple load of pressures as laborers, as mothers/wives and as the key link to the family south of the border.

Working in the fields / La Labor

For the farmworking women in Pizcando Sueños, the act of integrating themselves into the paid workforce brings with it its own unique characteristics.

Los Sueños

Taking time to dream for many is a privilege,  Even though we may know that our dreams may not become reality, this guidance leads us to make decisions and to confront our responsibilities with energy and optimism.

In the Media

Pizcando Sueños was featured in two newspapers in 2002.